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About Me
With a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and multiple certifications in Nutrition
and Health, I am well equipped to help you develop the lasting, positive sense of senseyou've always been searching for. 

The skills I utilize are a combination of clinical nutrition, psychology, somatic
therapy, and practical coaching techniques. My approach is compassionate and empowering. I don't see my clients' eating challenges as "something is wrong,"
but as a means to explore the eating habits and beliefs that impact their food choices, weight, and health.

Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Queens College, NY

Certified Mind Body Nutrition Coach Institute for the Psychology of Eating

Certified Psychology of Eating Coach Institute for the Psychology of Eating

Certified Holistic Health Coach Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Completed Mindful Eating Training Program Am I Hungry

Certified in Digestive Disorders Holistic Nutrition Lab

Certified in Trauma Informed Dietetic Care The Embodied Dietician Institute
Certified in Somatic Nutrition Therapy The Embodied Dietician Institute



Stop the cycle of thinking “I’ll start eating ‘right’ tomorrow” or, “forget it, there’s no hope for me.”



Replace the “I shouldn’t have eaten that” food war with a positive, healthy relationship with food.



Determine what foods truly make you radiant, so you can cut through the confusion of what’s “good” to eat and what’s not.



Create peace within yourself, so you have the energy to live the life you truly want, in the body you’ve come to love. 


Who I work with

Most of my clients come to me feeling frustrated and stuck with at least

one of the following health concerns

Weight Management

Digestive Issues

Body Image

Emotional Eating



You will find that I am a great listener, insightful, compassionate, encouraging, and goal oriented. I am fully equipped and committed to guide you through

your journey of transformation.

Image by Brooke Lark

Mind-Body Nutrition

Mind-Body Nutrition explores the psychophysiology of how our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs impact our nutritional health and overall well being. Simply put, what we eat is only half the story of good nutrition. The other half is who we are as eaters.

Digestion and calorie burning are profoundly affected by our

levels of stress/relaxation, our emotional attitudes toward our food (pleasure/guilt) the timing of our meals, our eating environment, and much more. With awareness and proper tools, mind body

nutrition is the means to enhance our health and the quality

of our lives.

Dynamic Eating

Each of us has a unique and ever-changing relationship with food. Dynamic Eating Psychology is an empowering, transformational approach that teaches there are important lessons to be learned from our relationship with food. When we pay attention, we begin to see how our food-related challenges interplay with our family, work, and social lives.


Shira has helped me in so many ways big and small.  With my physical and emotional health, with my relationship to food and my interpersonal relationships. There is no area that we don’t touch on in our work toward helping me live my best, most fulfilling, most rewarding, most meaningful, most delicious life.  She has become both a guide and trusted confident in navigating this journey toward health and I will continue to be forever grateful for having the opportunity to work with her. 

Jamie Geller - Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

“I am 52 years old & I’ve been working with Shira for about 10 weeks.

I had a problem with emotional/ binge eating that goes back about 40 years!! I was feeling so low & so stuck & upon reading one of Shira’s articles in Wellspring magazine, her words resonated with me. B”H  I am so happy I reached out, Shira literally changed my life!  With her positivity & encouragement I am where I am today-I’ve lost weight, my cravings are gone, I’m planning & preparing meals that are good for me & make me feel great.”

B.J., Brooklyn, NY

I have never done better work, in a more supportive way, I have never felt more understood,  more validated and the work has never felt more real and true.  Now that I know the feeling of being heard and understood my bar is set higher and my life is changed even if just for that reason. But Shira, you know that my life is changed in many more ways than that. The zechusim you have from doing your work is unparalleled and I want to send over a bracha that you should see results of these zechusim in this world and the next.


 Rivka, New Jersey

After being a yo-yo dieter for years, without long term success,

I am grateful and relieved to have found Shira.  Her refreshing approach to eating, combined with her encouragement and professional guidance, have changed more than just my relationship to food. She works WITH me to create a mind-body-spirit balance where I feel healthy, positive,

and stress-free. 

Nechama Douek, DOULA - Jerusalem, Israel

Shira has made a huge difference to the quality of my life. I've beenstruggling with overeating for years and although tried very hard, I couldn't stick to a diet for too long. The results from my weekly phone sessions are just amazing. It's a wonder to watch how slowly but surely my relationship with food is becoming normalized. I am extremely grateful to Hashem for placing such an understanding and brilliant messenger in my life.

B.M., Canada

Operating a chocolate business leads to its own set of food challenges aside from the sweet tooth I have in my regular day to day life.  Working with Shira, the kindest and most understanding person, has brought me so much clarity in terms of my food choices and how to develop healthy life habits without turning my life upside down.

 Avigail Marx, Baltimore, MD

Working with Shira is a very different experience than anything I’ve ever done.  I’m actually enjoying it and finding out interesting things about myself along the way.  I’m really looking forward to learning more as we continue working together.  Thank you, Shira!

 S.R. - Jerusalem, Israel

For the past few months had the honor of speaking with Shira on a weekly basis. Her calming demeanor and seemingly endless wisdom have truly been life changing for me. have gained so much insight from her not only with regard to nutritional habits, but simply understanding my body and leading a healthier lifestyle overall. highly recommend her for anyone who seeks a sweet and wisego to when it comes to healthy habits.

-B.L. New York

I’m trying to eat only when I’m hungry and to implement the “eating slowly way”…though I struggle with this because I’m always on the go and rushing.  But I”m fighting with food less and I feel so much better about my choices. Plus, my husband noticed that I’m thinner, and asked me how this happened. I told him it’s Shira Savit’s work!


-Client from New York

 Client from New York

Contact Me

Private Practice in Jerusalem/ Remote Sessions 

 USA: 914-294-3270  | Israel: 052-714-9181

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