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Hi, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Wellspring Magazine for publishing the thought provoking articles written by Shira Savit. She has been the catalyst for so much good in my life. My journey with Shira began after reading many of her articles and wanting to hear more from her, as well as being on a crossroads in life. I feel immense gratitude toward Shira and I can honestly and effusively say that Shira Savit has changed my life. I am blown away each week anew by her uncanny ability to meet a client where she is at. She has a rare talent of being able to combine goal setting and intuition and make them one and the same.


Shira is one of the most compassionate, and safe people I have ever encountered, and she has helped me with so much more than food and weight. Shira has really helped me get to the core of my relationship with food, with others, with myself and with Hashem. She has shown me that our relationships with food reflect all relationships in life. 


Shira is constantly pushing me forward, in such a safe way that makes pushing forward feel like a pleasure. She has helped me feel my feelings, helped me manage stress, and showed me how our minds, bodies, and souls are all connected. She has taught me how to truly regulate myself, and looking back, has empowered me to break generational patterns with food and relationships, which is just incredible to me. 


Her support, compassion, and the humble way she guides and leads is unparalleled. I learn from her by osmosis just by the way she speaks and mentors and guides. I truly believe that working with Shira is the last person I will be working with around this topic of food and weight. Because she helped me get to the root of the problem, I feel strongly that I won't need to pour any more time, resources, and emotions into yet another diet or lifestyle plan. She helped me grow, and is helping me heal.


I urge any of you who sincerely to end the fight with food, and body image issues , and all stress around that for good to reach out for Shira Savit. Be ready to go all in, in this journey!;) She was the messenger for me to a more fulfilling, compassionate and calmer life and I would love it if she can help you.  


Thank you Shira. 

Best Wishes,

Sarah W.

Shira is teaching me to care for myself and it’s really paying off.  I’m more patient and loving when I put my kids to bed because I’m no longer totally depleted.  Since I stopped struggling about food so much I have way more to give them.  Also, I can have days when I eat things like hot dogs and buns, or regular fat milk, and still feel good! Or, when drinking an ice coffee, I’m able to pay attention to my fulness signals and feel satisfied without needing to finish the whole thing. I feel proud of myself for that.  I’m confident that slowly, slowly, I’ll shed some of my excess weight.  The main thing is I’m feeling encouraged in a way I never have before.


Client from New Jersey 

Lost and in pain…are all my diets in vain?

Binging and restricting,

my thoughts so conflicting.

Should I try again?

Which diet and when?

But I am tired and exhausted,

I want to stay focused...

And not feel guilty and mad -

eat the cake and not feel bad?

I had with Shira my first session,

and love her kindness and passion...

For the first time in many years,

my eyes are healing from all those tears.

From guilt and pain...

and all diets that were in vain.

My brain is finally healing...

and those extra pounds are peeling!

I had tried so many diets and was still at square one. I felt guilty when gaining weight and was so afraid whenever I lost weight that I would put it back on.  But when I read an interview about Shira in a health magazine, I had a strong feeling this might work.  What stood out to me was that Shira doesn’t believe in torturing oneself, and at the same time, she teaches and promotes healthy and balanced eating.  Shira was very reassuring and supportive, and my feelings of failure began to wash away, Six months later, I’m almost 2 sizes smaller, and I’ve lost 15 pounds.  If I were to tell you what I eat, you wouldn’t believe that I lost so much without harsh diets, exercise, or “torture”.  More importantly, Shira has helped me heal my negative relationship with food, and I finally feel good about myself. 


R.K. Monsey, New York 

Shira you are an amazing help for me.  With your great awareness I am able to open my eyes and see the light in my life, “FINDING MY TRUE SELF”.  You are giving me great tools on how to satisfy my needs and stay focused. You are helping me notice my feelings…trusting myself (being my own therapist and nutritionist so to speak). 

The funny part was that I lost a lot of weight just by allowing myself to be who I am. Shira you gave me the power to feed my needs. This was fun for me, to see how a “numb” person as I was, can really become alive and aware my physical and emotional self.  As my life changed to better, so did my husband and kids.  Day by day I am achieving my goals.   


 Leah R - Williamsburg, New York

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