R.K - Monsey, New York

I had tried so many diets and was still at square one. I felt guilty when gaining weight and was so afraid whenever I lost weight that I would put it back on. But when I read an interview about Shira in a health magazine, I had a strong feeling this might work. What stood out to me was that Shira doesn’t believe in torturing oneself, and at the same time, she teaches and promotes healthy and balanced eating. Shira was very reassuring and supportive, and my feelings of failure began to wash away. 6 months later, I'm almost 2 sizes smaller, and I've lost 15 pounds. If I were to tell you what I eat, you wouldn't believe that I lost so much without harsh diets, exercise, or "torture." More importantly, Shira has helped me heal my negative relationship with food, and I finally feel good about myself.